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[Stripping and Waxing]

[Stripping and Waxing]

Heavily worn VCT flooring in a classroom

We take pride in our stripping and waxing service. 
Over the years, we have been providing this service on a regular schedule for our clients with high satisfaction.  Almost all clients that we service want their floor looking like new and clean.  It's obvious in the picture that the school hasn't spend time and money to properly care their floors.

(see our [Floor Burnishing] post for regular floor maintenance)

Proper maintenance is key to make your floors looking nice and clean.  Thoroughly stripping off old wax from the floor is the important step to take when performing stripping and waxing service.  When it's not stripped properly and thoroughly, the new wax will not be coated smoothly and you will see blemishes and imperfections under light reflection.

After the floor is stripped, it needs to be bone dry before we can apply new wax.  Drying time depends on the temperature, so be sure to turn on heat/AC as necessary and move air with a commercial blower.  Controlling humidity is important!  Once the floor is completely dry, you can start applying the wax.  Do this 4 times and your floor will be good as new!


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SBMC took on a hardwood floor sanding and refinishing work recently at a local church. This project was satisfying for couple of reasons. Like any other hardwood floor refinishing job, the floor was in pretty bad shape. It had scratches and stains all over the place. The floor had not been properly maintained for a long time.

Moreover, the project had a quick deadline.  So, we had to get the job done quickly but properly. This is where it got challenging. The floor had oil-based finish. In order to save time, we decided to go with water-based polyurethane finish.  Water-based polyurethane finish dries fast so it allows multiple coatings within a short of amount time.  Another good thing about water-based polyurethane finish is it does not stink as much as oil-based polyurethane finish.  

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Note: Please make sure to use proper cleaning chemical.  For example, you wouldn't want to use carpet shampoo when operating a carpet extractor.  Too much foam will develop, which would mess up the carpet and the equipment.

Carpet flooring and rugs can be seen in wide variety of settings including commercial properties, offices, religious institutions, and schools.

Notice the difference in before and after pictures.  Stains were heavy and stubborn before but after performing carpet encapsulation technique multiple times, stains are gone and carpet looks nice and clean.